Saturday, June 13, 2015

Third Times' A Charm

My pregnancy with the twins prevented almost all thoughts of flying.  For the first twenty weeks, I was too sick to even think about it.  For the remaining fourteen weeks, I was too, uh, bulky, to feel confident piloting a plane.  However, when Fenati suggested he fly us all up to the WWII airshow in Reading, PA, I decided that I could squeeze myself behind the yoke one last time.  (And it was a squeeze, believe me!)  

Taven and Isabelle were a little uncertain as we started our taxi down the runway, but quickly grew fascinated by the disappearing landscape beneath us as we climbed higher in the sky.

Wearing their matching "Yes, Girls Can Fly" t-shirts, the girls enjoyed their time in the way, way back together (and only fought occasionally!)

This was my third time at the Reading, PA airshow.  I came once as a student pilot in another pilot's plane, once flying myself as PIC, and now as a passenger in Rich's twin Beechcraft Baron.  The airshow, as always, was quite impressive and kept the kids' attention well.  We even managed to find an army tent canopy to watch the airshow from, which helped with the heat and sun (both of which were quite intense).

Taven liked the planes, and army vehicles, displays, and period actors.

Here's the whole fam-damily.  I remember being pleased as I got dressed for the airshow that I had bought Rich a flying shirt a few years earlier, as there was no way I was fitting into any of mine at that point in the pregnancy!

Smoke-trailing stunt planes...  I could watch them all day.

I'll admit that it's no Osh Kosh, but it's still a great airshow to get your flying fix in when you can't get all the way out to Wisconsin in a given summer.

We bugged out a little earlier than we would have sans kids, but we had more than enough time to enjoy the fun, food, and flight options offered at the Reading PA air show.  Until next time, Reading!


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